Why This Historic New Jersey House Is Selling for Just $10

by Tammy Levent

This house has historical significance but is still selling for only ten dollars. This explains why. It’s interesting because you could own such a house if something similar happened. Houses like this are nice because they have a lot of past to them. There are stories about the inhabitants and what has gone on in them.

Key Takeaways:

  • A house in New Jersey is receiving renewed attention lately. It will be put up for sale, but stipulations say that it cannot be destroyed.
  • The home was once built for Aubrey Lewis, who had become a famed football star. He would also become an FBI agent that lived in the New Jersey area.
  • There is a possibility that the house itself can be relocated. That takes a concerted effort and approval from the new owner before the move begins anew.

“This isn’t the first home with a similar catch to sell for less than the price of a movie ticket. In 2011, The New York Times reported on a soon-to-be demolished Minnesota house that was on the market for $1.”


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