Trump Plan to Improve U.S. Infrastructure Is Going Nowhere for Now

by Tammy Levent

Trump is president of the United States now. He has many plans, one of which is to improve our infrastructure, but this plan isn’t going anywhere so far. Nothing has changed. People are critical of him because of this. They want to see positive change so they know he is an effective president.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those in the know are no longer expecting big things from Trump’s once greatly hyped infrastructure plan, including the politically savvy secretary of transportation.
  • An infrastructure Week event last week included the signing by President Trump of an executive order, meant to streamline the permit process and eliminate problematic environmental regulations.
  • The president’s proposed 200 million dollar allotment (a guide-marker for congress) towards infrastructure, is significantly less than the 1 trillion dollar amount persistently touted by Trump while campaigning.

“More than six months into his administration, President Donald J. Trump’s highly-touted plan for a $1 trillion infrastructure investment has yet to materialize.”

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