The Most Amazing Vacation Homes In The Bahamas

by Tammy Levent

The Bahamas are an ideal place to go on vacation. Vacation homes in his small group of islands located in the West Indies incorporate many of the characteristics that one would expect in a tropical paradise. Pools, exotic gardens, terraces and cottages are the norm in this locale. Home designs also incorporate vivid colors and many eastern accents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decorator Tom Scheerer designed his Bahamas getaway as a compound comprising six pavilions interspersed with Coralina-stone terraces, gardens, and a swimming pool.
  • At Alessandra Branca‘s Bahamas home, the armoire and cocktail table in a sitting room are vintage, while the rattan chair is antique.
  • Madagascar cloth from Quadrille lines the living room walls of an Andrew Raquet home in the Bahamas.

“Where better to vacation than in the Bahamas, the small cluster of islands in the West Indes?”

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