Simulated Octopus Skin May Be the Future of Camouflage

by Tammy Levent

There are many uses for camouflage. You may be familiar wit it because of hunting season but there are many other times when people need it. This new simulated octopus skin is going to change the way we do things in this area. It works very well and acts like it would out in nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Octopuses and cuttlefish have the unique ability to alter both the color and texture of their skin, making them among nature’s very best hiders.
  • Researchers are currently working on a robotic skin that would be able to mimic the octopus’s incredible 3-D camouflage ability.
  • The hope is that one day it could be fine tuned enough to be programmed to automatically take the shape of any environment or texture it scans.

“The future may belong to invisible octopus people”

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