Sheldon Chalet

by Tammy


The Sheldon Chalet is everything luxurious comfort is all about. The more than a mile high elevation allows for the most spectacular breathtaking views, making this a truly unique environment that any luxury traveler will enjoy and appreciate. Whether you’re someone who is looking to take your next luxury vacation for leisure reasons or for adventure reasons, the Sheldon Chalet can easily accommodate you and your particular wants and needs.

Ready to find out more about the Sheldon Chalet that’s located in the middle of Denali National Park in Alaska?

North America’s Highest Mountain

At an elevation of 6000 feet, the Sheldon Chalet sits perfectly in the Sheldon Nunatak. The Chalet itself is a fascinating structure and includes 5 bedrooms that are able to accommodate up to 10 guests at one time. This makes for a very private luxury vacation, which is something that many luxury travelers are looking for nowadays.

The inside of the Chalet includes a full kitchen, a wet bar that is fully stocked, a sauna for relaxing, and a large fireplace that quickly warms when coming in from the cold outdoors. The surrounding deck allows for relaxing outdoor views, including views of the Aurora Borealis when available. Each extremely spacious bedroom includes lavish beds for extreme comfort, as well as a sitting area to enjoy the panoramic views of Alaska mountains.

Experienced Staff & Personal Guides

Experienced staff is available for every guest and can provide them their requests. Personal guides are available for guests who are looking to seek adventure and can guide them through all of the beauty that can be found in the Alaska mountainside. Options guests can choose to participate in include skiing, sledding, building igloos, digging snow caves, fancy picnics and going for long luxurious walks to observe and enjoy the absolutely stunning scenery.

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis can be seen during the winter months, which are best seen when the sky is clear as well as dark enough to provide the proper background.

Fine Dining

Fine dining is available and all meals will be created by a private chef in the onsite restaurant. This means all guests will get to enjoy the most exquisite cuisine, all paired with the perfect fine wines. Wine tasting events are also available.

The Sheldon Family

The Sheldon Chalet is privately owned by the Sheldon family and is the only holder of private land in the park.

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