Sales People Work Best with Incentives!

by Tammy Levent

man with sales chart

Sales people always need to be in a competitive situation to do their best work. Competition provides motivation to achieve a goal, encourages creativity, adds excitement and can make work feel more like play.

In a sales environment, the ability to get rewarded is a crucial element to motivate your team to sell as many units as possible. It feels good to be in competition for a prize, but it feels even better to know the only person you’re in competition with is yourself.

Where sales are the lifeblood of a business, sales people are what keeps that blood pumping. Incentives boost performance and motivate employees to work harder knowing that their work will result in more than just compensation.

Every person wants to feel like they matter in the workplace. Offering an incentive lets your employees know that they matter to you and to the company.

However, direct competition where there is one winner and several losers can bring down morale and cause sales to fizzle out. How then, do you get the drive of a competition without risking animosity and the potential for jealousy amongst co-workers? Offer every employee the same chance to win the same thing. Incentives that allow everyone the chance to be a winner are likely to have better results because everyone has the same chance to get the prize at the end of the competition.

A competition that allows everyone the chance to win the same prize keeps employees working towards the end goal for fear of missing out. Competition also encourages team work because as people get closer to their quotas they want to help others make their quota to get the prize at the end as well.

A little competition never hurt any body, and in the case of sales incentives can help not only your employees, but your bottom dollar too.

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