Pilot-Hero Sullenberger Labels Air Traffic Control Privatization an Extreme Solution

by Tammy Levent

Sullenberger became famous in his own right as a pilot and a hero. He is weighing in on the topic of air traffic control recently. There is a movement to privatize air traffic control across the country. But Sullenberger thinks that privatization might be an extreme solution. There could be other options that are worth exploring that achieve the same end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sullenberger is well known for being a pilot and a hero to many. Now he is voicing his concerns about air traffic privatization.
  • President Donald Trump has made air traffic privatization a priority. Critics think it may be a power grab by some of the biggest airliner corporations.
  • But Sullenberger has stuck to his position and refuses to budge. He thinks that the privatization effort could end up being a mistake.

“”Sullenberger argues that air traffic control privatization is a power play for American, United, Delta and Southwest.””


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