Paris Intends to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2030

by Tammy Levent

Paris is on track to ban gas-powered cars by 2030, ten years ahead of the goal for the country named by France’s environmental minister. The ban is part of a larger effort to reduce pollution and make Paris a green city. Bike paths and walking promenades have been added, but detractors argue that no measurable benefit to the environment has been detected. Still, the mayor sees a future where diesel vehicles will be banned before the Paris Olympics in 2024, and electric cars will be the only vehicles on the road in 2030.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan to ban all diesel fueled cars by 2024
  • Plan to ban all fossil fuel powered cars by 2030
  • Have setg up rental bikes and electric car services.

“Paris has faced rising air pollution in the last few years. Some pollution spikes have been so bad they forced City Hall to bar half of all cars from traveling and to make public transportation free for several days.”

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