What Makes a Great Sales Pitch?

by JuJuB

Chris_Young_visits_WrigleyYour boss just informed you that if you meet a certain quota he will reward you with a dream vacation. Now that you know you are working for a travel incentive you have decided it’s time to work on your sales pitch so that you can easily meet the quota. But what makes a great sales pitch? Let’s break it down:

First, you need to prepare yourself. This is the biggest key to a great sales pitch. Whatever it is you are selling whether it is a good or service- you need to know every detail that your potential customer could possibly need to know. Price, reasons to buy, and the problem you’re selling the solution for, etc… This is the one time where “I don’t know” is the worst answer you can give to any question so do your homework and learn everything you need to know!

You also need to research the best customers are for your good or service. You wouldn’t try to sell meat to a vegetarian would you?

Second, you need to put together a list of prospects to pitch and determine the best way to talk with them.

Third, prepare your presentation. What are you going to say? It should also be quick and easy to understand. You’ll need to talk with them not at them. This should be a two way conversation allowing the prospect to ask questions.

Fourth, set up the time to meet or call them. Make sure you don’t do this until AFTER you create your presentation because if you call them and the prospect wants to discuss your pitch right away you don’t want to look unprepared.

Lastly, ask for the sale and be prepared for either answer. If they say they will buy- awesome! Close the deal, thank them and expedite their order quickly and efficiently. If they say they will not buy see if you can find out why. Perhaps you can come up with a way to convince them after all. If you can convince them, great! If not, ask them if it would be alright to follow up with them in the future.

Now, we want to hear from you. What do you think makes a great sales pitch?

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