Individual Incentive Travel

by Tammy

Individual incentive travel is a popular choice for many reasons. We won’t bore you with a paragraph – just read these bullet points (you’re busy – we get it).

1. Sending one couple on a fabulous trip is cost effective.
2. The winning individual can choose their own reward for meeting his/her goals.
3. You can afford even more WOW-factor – Private island with butler anyone?
4. Your other employees will see the winner and think “that’ll be me next year.”
5. You can reward multiple individuals for meeting their goals.

The real magic of individual incentives is that the prize is whatever the individual wants it to be. For one, it might be a dream vacation wine tasting in Tuscany. For another, it might be a week spent on a secluded beach where they’re provided with a little flag to plant in the sand when it’s time to refresh their daiquiris. The incentives can be as individual as, well, the individual. And there’s no better motivation than that.

While we can customize an incentive program around your needs, many are fairly simple. Once the individual has met his or her goal, you purchase the reward. No up-front money necessary. If they don’t earn you money, you don’t spend your money.

Break out of the cash-bonus mold (we all know those go to groceries – boring!). Call Elite Travel today to get your entire company talking about your incentive program!

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