High-Speed Rail in India Finds Momentum as Japan Sells It Shinkansen Tech

by Tammy Levent

The highly anticipated High-Speed rail train is taking off in India. Japan had been trying to bargain with the United States for years about getting the train in to no avail. India saw an opportunity and agreed to have a 316 mile train created there. Japan will be paying for about the 17 million needed to make the train.

Key Takeaways:

  • India is buying bullet train technology from Japan in order to upgrade their railways. Japan will fund most of the money for the project.
  • Japan competes with China for commercial contracts. India’s Prime Minister hopes this will lead to a large increase in manufacturing and employment.
  • Donald Trump has expressed interest in bringing high-speed railway lines to the USA after seeing them in other countries. Japan has previously tried to sell them to the USA.

“On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan’s Shinzo Abe formally kicked off a plan to build the 316-mile bullet train line”


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