‘Giants’ on Granville Island Silos in Vancouver, Canada

by Tammy Levent

Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo are the Brazilian artists responsible for the beloved murals on Granville Island in Vancouver. The brothers graffitied giants on 6 silos which stand 70 feet tall. Although the giants were a costly endeavor ($180,000), their continued maintenance is also expensive. Additionally, while the artwork was not envisioned to be permanent, Chip and Shannon Wilson purchased the murals to prevent their dissolution. After 1,400 cans of spray paint were used to birth the giants, no one wants to see their demise too soon!

Key Takeaways:

  • Graffiti on silos in Vancouver has become very popular among the area and tourists.
  • The popularity of the “GIANTS” mural has been introduced around the globe.
  • The mural may become replaced in a few years unless someone donates or pays to keep the “GIANTS” untouched.

“Ocean Concrete has a long history of community participation and happily offered a medium for what was at the time the biggest public mural of their career.”


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