DNA Barcoding Shows That Two Butterfly Species Are One and the Same

by Tammy Levent

These two butterflies are the same species even if we didn’t initilly think so. This is interesting because it shows how DNA can help us figure things out. DNA is what we use to see if living things are related and it doesn’t lie. You can use it on people as well as on butterflies and other living things.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new butterfly species has been discovered and identified in Ecuador. Effort is underway to pair the DNA with another species discovered previously.
  • Scientists are interested because the butterflies demonstrate extreme sexual features. The DNA bands are being evaluated and even compared for similarities in a lab.
  • It seems that several butterfly species have displayed these features before now. Their blue and brown colors could have implications for their reproduction.

“It turns out the sunburst cerulean-satyr isn’t the only euptychiine butterfly species with extreme sexual dimorphism.”


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