Company Incentive Program

by Tammy
group incentive travel

You can have an amazing company incentive program on any budget – but you can’t have any amazing incentive program on any budget.

Yes, your budget is a deciding factor in which type of incentives we recommend, but our specialty is in helping businesses get the most bang for their buck.

Want to rent out the entire Epcot center for a private party with fireworks and over-the-top dessert – for 10,000 people? We’ve done it. We met every single attendee at the airport and used every bus in Orlando to ensure they all found their way to their hotels, to the party, and safely back again. Then we took them out golfing.

For our smaller incentive trips, we still take the time to go beyond expectations to create unforgettable experiences. How about speeding over sand dunes in Cabo in four-wheel drives, horseback riding, ziplining, and renting private fishing boats for every couple? That was one of CEO, Tammy Levent’s favorite trips, one which included massage treatments for 200 employees at the ME Cabo resort, and a private yacht party out to El Arco with music, food and booze. That evening ended at a nightclub, where Tammy bumped into Pink and her entourage.

Tammy Levent is available to be the person on the ground who ensures every logistic runs smoothly.

Elite Travel agents work hard to create smooth, worry-free incentive experiences, from airport pickups and ground transfers, to staying in constant contact with vendors. We’re even available to meet your out-of-country guests to make sure they get on that cruise ship on time. And – we know how to have fun.

If you have a hardline budget, we can work with you to create certificates that allow your best employees to choose their own adventures. We love to think outside the box, and we can often negotiate extra perks and lower rates for groups.

As they say: Work hard, play harder. Call Elite Travel now to arrange your custom-designed company incentive program.

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