Care for a Taste of the World’s First Tofu-Based Alcoholic Beverage?

by Tammy Levent

Tofu is a healthy and versatile food that now can be enjoyed in liquor form. Researchers in Singapore have discovered a way to use the liquid left over from the processing of Tofu, making a tasty alcoholic beverage. The drink contains about 7 percent alcohol and has a reported sweet, floral taste that can be enjoyed by health conscious alcoholic beverage drinkers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grad students in Singapore are trying to make use of liquid left over when soy milk is coagulated into tofu curds by turning it into an alcoholic beverage.
  • Tofu is extremely popular but many of its by products go to waste.
  • This new drink which uses Tofu leftovers as a base for an alcoholic drink is called “Sachi” and is currently being made available in China.

“The result? A slightly sweet drink, the pale color of straw, with an alcohol content of around 7 to 8 percent and what Chua described as “fruity and floral” notes.”

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