Backroads Trips are the Best

by JuJuB

Backroad trips are a top choice for travelers who are looking for the best off-the-beaten path adventures. Many travelers are looking to avoid touristy locations nowadays, and instead are wanting to explore the backroads of countries. The reason is because they want to learn about and experience the culture of a particular country, and traveling through their backroads is one of the best ways they can do this.

Backroads trips are the best because travelers not only get to immerse themselves in a new and exciting culture, they are also in full control of their traveling adventure.


Spain is a common vacation destination because of its rich cultural heritage that simply keeps bringing travelers back year after year. The reason why travelers keep coming back to visit Spain time and time again is because Spain is a place that expects everyone to enjoy themselves. Having fun in Spain is a requirement and includes eating delicious Spain cuisine, enjoying the company of good friends and fellow travelers, and exploring the backroads.

While there may be many adventures to be had in Spain, taking some time to explore the back roads of Spain is a definite must for travelers who are looking for some fun off-the-beaten path adventures.

Portugal Backroad Trip

The fact that Portugal is divided into different regions – Northern Portugal, Central Portugal, Lisboa, Alentejo, Algarve, Islands – means that travelers can choose from a variety of backroad itineraries. The backroads of Portugal can offer travelers a truly authentic experience and here are just a few of the examples – exploring the many wine regions, spending time with local fishermen, preparing innovative cuisine with a local chef, visiting the incredible art museums, and much, much more.

Andalucía Backroad Trip

Traveling the backroads of Andalucía is a definite bucket list trip for travelers. The spirit of Spain can be found in Andalucía, where fiestas, tapas and bull rings abound. The stunning landscape in Andalucía is captivating and dramatic and perfectly supports the vibrant culture found here. Seeing the limestone cliffs up close is a definite must. Traditional Andalucía cuisine includes the best gazpacho, tapas and olive oils made from local olive groves.

Travelers can easily lose time exploring the ancient town and backroads of Andalucía, with many travelers saying that they will be back soon so that they can explore even more of the many backroads that Spain has to offer

Backroad trips in Spain can be taken while walking, bicycling, and/or driving.

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