22 People Injured In London Tube Station Terrorist Attack — & Donald Trump Had THIS To Say!

by Tammy Levent

On Friday morning, London experienced a terrorist attack where an explosion occurred at one of the city’s tube stations. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. A reported twenty-two people were rushed to the hospital following the attack, however, most of the injuries are not life-threatening. President Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter regarding the incident, calling the terrorist a “loser” and implying that Scotland Yard needs to be more vigilant. Trump did not offer any solutions in his Tweets.

Key Takeaways:

  • There was an explosion at a London tube station that is being investigated as a possible terrorist attack.
  • 18 people were taken to London hospitals but none of the injuries were life-threatening. Police confirmed it was a homemade device.
  • Donald Trump tweeted that the terrorists are “losers” and demented people who are being recruited through the internet.

“However, the Trumpster did NOT offer up a solution on how to curb terrorists’ internet usage”


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